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cheap louis vuitton outlet It turns out that Giamba did Last night, he was in Shanghai Exhibition Center for Shanghai fashionable people staged a brand No. 7 senior custom series fashion show, 'Shanghai also has a high set big show' makes people happy big Pu Ben, triggering a 'Giamba Craze '. Three Chinese supermodels Liu Wen, cuckoo, PeiBe together Giambattista Valli China' s first show series Inspired by the vitality and exoticism of the flowers and plants in the Spanish Alhambra gardens, the designer through the colorful floral patterns and Arab-style pajamas Stripes feeling, Showing the Spanish fusion of Moorish-style atmosphere. Giambattista Valli Premium Custom Fashion Show 'I do not like to give the name of the work, I prefer to use the numbers, each number is like a new chapter in the story. 'Giambattista Valli series of high-level custom fashion show this series with a simple white shirt, pajamas profile shaped shirt with a dream-like fold the ball wrapped in a long dress stunning curtain call. Giambattista Valli senior custom fashion louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store show designer In the show after embracing the cuckoo and Liu Wen If you miss this show, may wish to visit Lane Crawford. Shop to Giambattista Valli tribute to the theme of the area, reviewing the designer of 20 classic works and clothing series modeling. Also feature the brand 's latest collections, and the design of the Giamba line, which will soon debut at Lane Crawford. In October 23rd, 100 bird antelope middot; 2016 twenty-second session of China Model Star contest finals has been in Beijing, Xinhua Panorama spa hotel grand end. This competition from 100 into 40 players to the knockout station, and then to the Finals, all in the new Hualian Lijing Hot Springs Hotel, comfortable accommodation, bright and spacious games and training venues, have become an important guarantee for the smooth conduct of the game, I believe this chic and elegant 'European Castle' for the players who Left a good memory. Finals scene Grand Hyatt Lijing Hotspring Hotel once again thank the 'New Hualian Lijing Hot Spring Hotel' louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet on the twenty-second session of China Model Star Contest to provide venue support, site support, the new Hualian Lijing Hot Springs The hotel is a high-star hot spring resort hotel hotel reservation guest room, catering, conference, hot spring and entertainment. It is managed and managed by New Hualian Hotel Management Co., Ltd. New Hualian Lijing Hot Spring Hotel is located in the Beautiful Chaobai River, adjacent to the Han Shiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve and the Olympic Water Park. The hotel is located in Liwei Town, Liyi Town, Shunyi District, only 15 kilometers away from the Capital Airport. The overall architectural style of the hotel reflects the Grandeur of the European style, elegant decoration, comfortable and chic environment, so that guests enjoy the luxury between the square inch. More information information can be viewed below the two-dimensional code to enter the official WeChat understanding. - END - More exciting, Please click ▽ New Hualian Lijing Hot Springs Hotel, a European-style louis vuitton factory outlet